Ice Cream Stick BMX

As part of my second year end work, I made a life size BMX out of ice cream sticks and other woodern bits. I began constructing the bike around the end of July and I completed it  on the 31st of October. The bike has about 3000 ice cream sticks and tongue depressors. After the exam exhibition, I varnished the bike, branded it and had it displayed at the Woodstock Cycleworks where it was available for purchase.

bike full Featured Image Bike

The images below show how I constructed the bike; from creating a a frame structure out of tongue depressors, to stacking sticks on each other for a solid frame to making the circular wheel structure out of chip boards

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IMG_2907 IMG_2906 IMG_2905

The varnished bike at the Woodstock Cycleworks in Woodstock, Cape Town