.jpg by Gabriella Achadinha courtesy of 10and5

Multi Disciplinary Artist

Dada Khanyisa, a Joburg raised and Cape Town based artist. A recent graduate at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. My visual interests are invested in texture and multiple dimensions; as a result I create sculptural paintings and relate-able objects. The visuals I create are centered on people and the activities and habits they adopt to keep themselves busy, fed, warm and happy. My focus on the human condition stems from the various spaces I have called home; the different spaces create a multi-faceted diagram of my reality. I understand that I have to greet strangers in rural KZN, keep my phone guarded while in central Jozi and ask a white mate to call the agent if I am looking for accommodation in Cape Town. Most of the work I produce is about the black experience, the weight of the content is based on the currency of memories. I enjoy focusing on what people neglect or take for granted- their daily tasks and what was part of their growing experience. The work acts as a social mirror with some distortions which are fueled by the imagination and a particular agenda.

Understanding that life comes in various forms has taught me to manipulate, juxtapose and play with different materials. I paint as much as I sculpt and draw twice as much as I illustrate digitally. My extensive portfolio has creative items ranging from miniature footwear models, reconstructed custom sneakers, porcelain figurines and even a bicycle made from ice cream sticks. The sneaker side of my trade pays homage to subcultures that keep me on my feet and my money out of the savings account. Through the mini shoes and customizing, I have maintained a fruitful relationship with the people at Converse, Asics and Nike South Africa; occasionally working on their campaigns. As far as my CV is concerned, I am a merit winner in the 2015 SA Taxi Awards. As a result, 10 taxis had my visual work as vinyl wraps for 6 months. Four years prior, I was a finalist in the New Era international art competition; this was concluded by a travelling 59fifty cap exhibition in 7 European countries. Other works include album cover designs, video editing, traditional animation and creative consultations.



Joburg Art Fair 2017 with Stevenson

8- 10 September 2017

Work up: Yaphel’imali






Disclosure – Group Show

Smac Gallery, Cape Town

12 April- 20 May 2017

Works up: iNkosi Ibenathi in these Polyamorous Streets and Between Sheets + Father Figure






A Painting Today

Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town

6 March – 22 April 2017

Work up: What is This Patriarchy you speak of?






From the Horse’s Mouth – group show

Ebony Gallery, Cape Town

2 March- 14 April 2017

Works up: eBree, Ebumnandini



Video Animation

Video Production/Editing


Tattoo Art

Sneaker Customization

Creative Director