Joburg raised, Cape Town based maker of things.

'uBab'Omncane eThekwin ngo 87' .2024

'iSenzo Sak'dala' Group Show Fede Arthouse x Reservoir

'Pantone Tea Party edition' .2023 

'Cape Town' show at JAG

“ever been to a Kirsty picnic on an overcast Sunday?" .2023

'Cape Town' show at JAG

02 Jan 2022 .2023

'Cape Town' show at JAG

42 Trill Road .2023

'Cape Town' show at JAG

Investec Cape Town Art Fair with Stevenson

Amawele .2023

Amawele: Themba .2023

Amawele: Thando .2023

Amawele: Thandiwe .2023

Type Yethu .2022

Sad in Summer .2022

‘babe, what’s your ETA?should i order you something? also, pls call (redacted) and tell him to let us order under your tab. my friends can’t wait to meet you’. 2022


O Jewa Ke Eng?. 2022


Philani. 2022


Emoyeni Lounge Hun. 2022


Fourth House in Scorpio. 2021


Tjomi please call and say you are waiting for me outside my house, this anti vaxxer is going on about elevating the mind. 2021


Feeling everything is feeling nothing. 2021


Not particularly looking for someone, I just go on dates for new conversations. 2021


It was the night we ended up at Berea Court. 2021


One day I'll be someone else and I'll go on like that is who I've always been. 2021


Silo District. 2020


Contemplation Chair. 2020



Sharp edges of a soft man. 2020

Nox. 2020


Blue Sky Excuses. 2019



Are You Okay?.2019

What a Prick. 2019

Group Chat. 2019

Sad in Summer.2019